Friday, November 27, 2009

moda bakeshop

i LOVE LOVE the moda bakeshop! they have GREAT ideas/tutorials! im working on a few xmas presents and one of them is a quilt from that site.

black friday.....its just too crazy out there to venture. so what a better excuse then to stay home, cut some fabric and sew.

i love having 4 days off....
i just might never go back.....
but i need fabric money.............

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Maria said...

Hi Bobby I am Maria from Australia who won the last Friday Night Sew In. Thank you.
Just popped in to read your blog.
I love that green and black quilt, colours look great together.
Must look into the Moda Bakeshop site. I have a layered cake I bought in May still have not done anything with it.May get some ideas.
Yes it is a shame you have to work to enjoy your hobby.