Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my husband, Tony. I couldn't have ever asked for a better man to father my children.

Since they were little, he has always taken them under his wing. Been a dad, a friend, a buddy, a pal. He has a special bond with both the boys....each in their own way. My youngest is his oldest looks up to his dad now in a "grown man" kind of way. He wants to follow in his dads footsteps in life....What a compliment!!!

My husband is an avid golfer, and a pretty good one too. We are all hoping the day comes that he can get on that pro circuit.....then i can travel the country with him and shop hop! LOL

He played in a golf tournament yesterday and wore this "costume". But to him.....its his heritage. His family has the Scottish pride and would probably dress like this everyday if they wouldn't get arrested.

So to you, Tony, happy fathers day. keep up the good work because our boys are turning into quite the honorable young men.......


Kaye said...

I know just what you mean, as my dh is a perfect role model for my sons and they are the same to their sons. I have 9 grandsons! He is now doing the same with 1 of our grandsons who lives with us. He is now fighting cancer and says he will beat it as his job isn't done.

Denise said...

I too feel fortunate that our sons have a great man for a dad. They have learned alot from him and althought they are grown and wouldn't admit it they still are learning.

Anonymous said...

Lov the pic. One question for you, I am heading to Vegas in August. What quilt shops do you recommend to visit while I am there??