Tuesday, November 16, 2010


ive been paging through the new quilts and more mag and found some cute ideas for this friday night sew in. do you have your projects ready?

I also bought this book tonight. her quilts are adorable and look pretty easy to make. Camille Roskelly at SIMPLIFY has always been one of my favorite bloggers and designers. its easy for me too because she is local here and my quilt shop carries a TON of her stuff. they are even mentioned in her book.
have you all signed up for this coming friday night? if not, click HERE. dont forget to blog about your night and projects on saturday....because thats how you get into our drawing. even if you only stitch a few lines, blog about it. we all have that night that doesnt happen, but hey i feel if you picked up a needle, or cut some fabric....its a sew-in baby!
my boys both have birthdays this week...i know i know...its just craziness to have a kid so close to xmas. but i did BOTH the same week/month....not year. LOL
anyway, ive got a busy week planned. one is hitting a milestone birthday and its been a little rough on me. LOL im feeling "my age" i guess. turning the big 4 0 this year was bad enough (it actually didnt bother me) but having a child become a legal age to vote is strange!!! i think its going to be hard to cut that cord for kid #1. im sure by kid #2 ill be like "yeah, whatever...see ya!". giggle giggle.
(im having trouble getting my paragraphs to separate....forgive the sloppy blogging)


Maria said...

Hi Bobbi.
No I have not got my project organised yet but I am sure I will. I am going on retreat so will do my FNSI there.
40 and a voting age child,WAIT till you are in your 60's and going to be a GREAT grandparent. Time just flys!!!!

Libby said...

Too funny! I just did a blog post about Quilts and More Mag. and Bliss fabric!! Greeat minds think a like!

I am handquilting a quilt right now, but I am going to do some sewing on FNSI! Maybe some string blocks.

Jamie said...

I have some big butt baby pants cut out and ready to sew. I hope I actually get to them. So many ideas are floating in my head, I just hope that I have the energy to make some of them happen. It seems like all I can do lately is knit.

Happy birthday to your boys!

Val said...

I am not exactly sure what I am going to be doing on Friday night but unless something changes my plans I will be sewing!! I am excited. Thanks for all you and Heidi do!!! It really helps to motivate me! Happy Birthday to your boys!!!