Sunday, July 24, 2011

FNSI winner, Yarn Tie Tips and more Quilt pics

check out HEIDIS blog for this months FNSI winner.  as i stated before, im on vacation :)

I have some more photos to share with you of my quilt.  as i said in my previous post, i was able to finish my Happy Campers quilt before my trip.  in this post, i shared some yarn tie pics.  well, let me say i learned a valuable lesson about yarn tying.  (Did anyone notice the difference in the color of the yarn?)

I had originally done the entire quilt in a nice brown yarn.  it took me days....and i was leery on the color (brown) after just a few rows, but was too lazy to change.  the brown took away from my fabric....but that wasn't the issue.  i used a super soft yarn....and when i washed it a bunch came UN-TIED!  ARGHHH! 

of course this happened the night before i left for vacation.  so when i got to my sisters in Montana, she helped me cut out the brown ties and we used a simple off white color in polyester yarn.  a big THANKS to my sister for helping me because i was devastated! 

here is a shot of the back.  all i used was a denim and a strip of the fabric on the lower half.  it was NICE and WARM!!! 

here is my Chubby Charm Bag my sister made for me again.  i just love this picture.  the countryside is beautiful where she lives.

Again this is her bag and quilt front.  same fabric---Happy Campers by Moda which is a few years old.

the back of her quilt.  WOW!  LOVE LOVE what she did with the panel and even appliqued a daisy on the strip.  A-Dorable!

my hubby, my son and I with our walking sticks at Glacier.  they have a bell on them to keep the bears away :)   .... which got a little annoying.  LOL 

What a way to spend my anniversary huh?  in gods country!

 Glacier is truly one of the most beautiful places i have ever been too.  The natural rivers, the going to the sun road, the walking trails, the nature and even the snow in mid July. 


PinkGranny said...

Lovely...all of it. Isn't it nice how our sister's come through for us when things go awry....enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Deon said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I really love the Happy Campers quilt. It's lovely!!

Jamie said...

Your vacation looks and sounds awesome! Enjoy!

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