Saturday, March 10, 2012

Railroad Tunnels

last weekend instead of working on my peg board project, me and my fellas went on a 7mile hike.  thats one of the perks living here.  there are hiking trails all around us.  crazy how ive lived here for a LONG time and never heard of this trail. 

these are old Railroad tunnels built in the 30s for the Hoover Dam project.  it is now an easy flat trail that leads you through 5 tunnels.

it was a sunny beautiful day of around 75 degrees....let me take you on a walk.

the hubby and son getting ready to go into tunnel #1.  my son is always a goof ball....he is so 13!

the entire trail lead us along the lake.  it was a beautiful view! 

the temp dropped about 10+ degrees inside.  i know there are bats around here at im staying behind them in case any fly out.  safety in the rear!  :)

hard to believe they built these 80 years ago!!!  

along the entire trail were these boards with fun filled facts about them building the tunnels and using them for the Hoover Dam.  our sad lake.....its REALLY low.

one fact was how the builders worked in the HOT desert heat and their families lived down below where the lake is now----- in tents.  IN.THE.HEAT.    it can get 120 degrees out here!  HOW did they survive?  


my handsome fella posing for his momma. 

ok, this is a hole in the mountain and the guys are shining a spotlight from their iphone.  i snapped this picture and ran as they said "i see a tail".  snakes....scorpions....lizards OH MY.

next time i want to bike this trail. 

but i guess i need a bike first eh?


Maria said...

thanks Bobbi for taking me on your interesting walk.

Becky said...

I am soooo envious! That looks like a super fun walking trail. Hubby and I have been talking about moving south--or at least spending winters down there. We'll do it someday! Thanks for sharing your little journey with us.

Unknown said...

Which trail is this? We've been really active up here working with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to help find and develop rail trails. Sadly since we don't even have any hills here, our local trail is straight as an arrow. The legendary Wasbash Cannonball train ran on part of it.