Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fnsi delay

Heidi and I need to push back this months fnsi by only a week. We are 2 busy girls this month.

Look for sign ups in a few days. See you next Friday.


Maria said...
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Maria said...

No worries Bobbi, I totally understand.
Look forward to stitching with you all next week.

Wendyb said...

Sometimes, life just happens!!! Don't stress.....there's always tomorrow! Look forward to next week with you both
Wendy :O)

Kaisievic said...

That's okay - we all get busy!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Looking forward to participating in FNSI again!!!

Smultronbo said...

Like I said at Heidi's post. I'm happy it got delayed cause I need to catch up on some sleep. See you next friday and I hope everything is ok. Sometimes things just happen and you need to change your plans. ;)

apple blossom said...

Bummer... was looking forward to it tonight as I'm home alone. Next week I won't be.

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