Sunday, December 16, 2012

Queso Recipe

rib sticking queso dip recipe!!!  what is better on a chilly lazy sunday afternoon than some yummy queso dip?  ENJOY!


1 large block of Velveeta---cut into cubes
1 can Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup
1/4 cup milk

dump these ingredients into your crock pot.  start the melting process while preparing the beef mixture.

1 lb hamburger
5-6 fresh Jalapenos
1/2 white onion

chop your onion.  remove the ends from the jalapenos,  remove seeds from inside and chop your jalapenos.  you can leave a few in for added heat.  depends on your taste.    add to hamburger and brown.   (it looks like a lot but trust me, don't skimp on the jalapenos)

put browned hamburger mixture into cheese mixture and "melt".  serve with tortilla chips.  Serves best when fresh.   can also have some sour cream on the side for extra yumminess. 



shannon said...

yummy! i look forward to making this!

i'll share our favorite dip:
2 cans hotdog chili with no beans
1 package of philly cream cheese

melt cheese in sauce pan. add chili. enjoy.

it's best with frito corn scoops :)

Sherry said...

The recipe sounds good. . . I think DH will like it.

BTW, is there a FNSI for tonight? I haven't seen a sign up yet.

Thank you,

Altax said...

Looks yummy!!! Have to try this.

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