Saturday, March 28, 2009

breakfast quiche

ive had such a whirlwind week.....being worried about fargo and being BEYOND busy at work. im going to make some breakfast quiche for my family this am and then sew. I need my craftin therapy today.

here is an EASY quiche recipe

1 pie tin with already store made crust (cuz who has the patience to make her own??)
5 eggs
browned sausage links-cut up into chunks
onions-how ever many you want. could be green ends, could be white-to your own taste
3/4 c halfnhalf or milk
1/2 tsp dry mustard (cuz i gotta have my mustard)
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
cheese (i just dump some preshredded)

BAKE 375 for 30-45mn

you cant get much easier than that! i always make 2 cuz the first one goes quick, then we munch on the second one for another hour or so.

I have a huge breakfast family! although we cant eat right away, we love to make a big ol midwesternish breakfast. Im talking hashbrowns, eggs, bagels, breakfast burritos, you name it.

Years ago we went to a family members house for vacation. well they dont cook we went and bought the goods and made them breakfast for a couple days in a row. i think thats why they want us to come back!

ive been watching the news and it looks like the river is still holding strong.....some friends have already evacuated and my family is all still ok. even if some of them have to bunk in with other family members, its always a party. An Evac party-i can see it now. Pinochle, FOOD FOOD FOOD and a few beers. MAN i miss my family! even in a crisis, we can still laugh until someone has to change their panties. (i know this from personal experience)

happy saturday!

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