Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I cant believe im blogging....or thats what i keep telling myself. I have recently discovered i can sew. Isnt that the coolest thing ever? Its my sanity at times. I love love love my busy house but needed that outlet to keep me on track. Now im obsessed and cant seem to find the time to sew, but when i have time im not in the mood? weird, yeah i know.
I live in the desert, but am a midwest girl at heart. i miss green grass, trees, snow (at times), a good rocking thunderstorm and my windows open at nite.

OH-----and I love to welcome to my world.

funny story for the day:
so today, im talking to my boss and we are under extreme pressure. see, im a money mover. it sucks. well, as usual we are behind. so my funny personality kicks in (the smith in me) and i tell my boss" i hope this isnt tooooo inappropriate, but ill pull WONDER WOMAN out of my arce to get the job done today". She laughed thank god and im still giggling, cuz come on people, it was funny.

sit, relax, poor some wine (junie joke) and laugh at life with me.

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Heidi said...

I'm so frickin proud of YOU!!!! Love you baby!