Saturday, April 4, 2009


As i sit here with my 16y/o son...awaiting Metallica to be inducted....i cant help thinking how cool it is to like a lot of the same music as my kids. Its funny to think of my parents and what they made me listen to. Country western.....which was ICK to me back then and Paul Harvey-good day! Here i am approaching my 40s and thinking how COOL it is that my son wants ME to go to metallica with him....and im ALL OVER IT! I remember the day he started really getting into music and he and I went through my CD's. I gave him his first Ozzy CD and told him someday he would enjoy it. Now I am the one raiding his CDs and itunes. Times sure have changed, but i think for the better. As parents we seem to share more with our kids than our parents ever did. Im greatful every day for having something in common with my kids. Ive always had a passion for music and spent a lot of time as a teenager in my friends basement while they formed their band, which later became semi-famous in the midwest. Even had a band member break away and find fame. Those were good times...good times.....

So heres to you METALLICA! ROCK ON!!!!

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