Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I love being one of those moms who cheers on her kids and team members! In highschool, there was a guy we all adored, Brent, whose mom was that mom you just adored. she screamed, hooted and hollered for each and every kid on the team. the guys all lived at their house. she treated them all like her own sons. I can only hope i would be that loved by my kids' friends. There is nothing more fullfilling than going to your kids game and seeing him look for you in the stands. smile when he see's you.....then try that much harder to impress you!

Brents mom passed away suddenly during highschool and brents friends were at her caskets side. Ive thought of those moments through out the years and only hoped i could be like her one day. The mom all the kids love!

Life is good today-and tomorrow will be even better. It so easy to get caught up and wine and complain about running here and there during the week with the kids, but after a nite like tonite, its all worth it! The look on my babies face as he strikes a friend out in their first baseball game was priceless. Then he looks over and smiles REAL big at you cuz your watching. thats what it is all about! the love of a family!

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