Sunday, June 28, 2009

and....we have....a PURSE!

yes folks...its a purse. its a modified version of a pattern i found. adorable eh? im also in LOVE with these amy butler fabrics. very summery. makes me want to go cruz the mall and make all the ladies jealous. muahahaha.

ive spent the day rearranging my house so i can have a sewing spot. its a corner in the living room against my better judgement, cuz my puppy (yellow lab who is 1 1/2 but still a puppy) loves to eat things. im hoping he has outgrown that nasty habit long enough to stay away from my sewing zone. but hey, i could always use a new machine.

im patiently waiting for my butler fabs i bought from ebay. you know ebay...the devils playhouse? omg i curse the person who invented that and paypal. its truly evil to have items that handy-without ever leaving your house. ok i have to walk 3 houses down to get my mail-but thats just still a little TOOOO handy for me. ill have to get rid of my account soon. my fabric stash is growing by leaps and bounds....and as i explained before i just dont have the room for more fabric. gulp...did i really say that?

this weekend im off to phoenix to see what my sewing buddy Heidi has in store for me. we both have a few pattern/surprises for one another. we are hoping to sneak in a few hours of sewing, but with a houseful of people for the 4th of july not sure what we will get done. friday nite we had a "sew in". does this mean we are old ladies now? we both worked on the same project via our blackberrys and finished a quick project together. we are now going to do it atleast once a month. next time, im making margaritas. LOL. i truly wont be drinking alone right? here was our project. this is the bag i modified. this is from a pattern from Sweet Pea Totes. her patterns are adorable!

have a happy 4th of july everyone out there in bloggerville. GOD BLESS AMERICA! God Bless our Troops also because they are the true reason we can celebrate our continued freedom in this crazy world we live in. USA USA USA USA

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Heidi said...

What would I do without you!!! Love the Butler fabs! Bring me some on Wednesday!