Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am SOOO excited to reveal my new fun bag!! I actually came up with this myself. NO, i cant give myself ALL the credit because it is very close to another bag ive made but i changed a few things and added a bobbi touch. I also added a label!!! THANK YOU HEIDI for the fun label idea! THANK YOU KRISTIE for the bag obsession! ive always been a bag to carry to buy i LOVE LOVE making them. i dont have a big fan base here, but i live in vegas where everyone is carrying couch, prada etc. someday they just might appreciate a good handmade bag. but hey, this way i get to keep them all for me me me.

on the pocket it says "bags by bobbi" with a cute daisy-cuz daisys are my thing. heck, i even have one tatted on top of my foot.

this one was SO fun and easy to create. i love the wild leopard and denim---denim will never get old. I havent sewn much lately but i think this lit the fire back under my arce! I could stay home every day and create. its just too hard after work, after dinner, after dishes. the 2day weekend thing just rarely works cuz im running kids, doing the shopping, doing laundry and trying to stay up late to sew. Creating takes the back seat in my life right now and i hate it!!! But i do love being a mom....and I know that my kids are growing up so flippin fast that i must enjoy this time right now.

so ill quit my whining and just say happy summer. happy sewing. HANDMADE BAGS ROCK

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