Thursday, July 16, 2009

diaper bag...

I made this for my boss at work. her family are huge nebraska cornhusker fans and she has a new grandson on the way. they wanted a husker here it is. it turned out SOOO cute!! its a big bag, but when your toting their every need around town, you need BIG. am i right moms?

I thought ok, black red and white for a baby....but its adorable! The proud daddy wont have any quams carrying this diaper bag around town either to show off his bundle of joy AND his love for the huskers!

I also added this as a surprise for my boss. i had some leftover fabs, so thought why not...she needs a cute husker bag herself.
it was her bday...and i think im now the teachers pet. heehee
It makes me wish i was a cornhusker fan...but what i want to know is WTF is a cornhusker?

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