Sunday, February 14, 2010

friday night sew-in....stay home without being lame. of our newest members did this post on our FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN and i had to share it. its soooo true! HIGH FIVE MOLLY!

Remember to sign up and join Heidi and I this coming friday night the 19th! sew all night in your jammies.....make some fun snacks, drinks, projects. Blog about it the next day and watch our sites for the giveaway winners.

Lastly, dont forget to have fun cuz your partying with 150 other crafty people.

see you friday ladies......(do we have any guys yet?)


Patty said...

Looking forward to it. It was a blast last time. :^)

Dandelion Quilts said...

I just signed up....I can't wait!

Jamie said...

I am looking forward to Friday night soooo much! I hope my boys will behave enough for me to accomplish something spectacular. Maybe they will do some stitching, too.

Judy C said...

Looking forward to Friday, can't wait, my sister, my friend and sewing can't get any better.