Saturday, April 24, 2010

once a rocker, always a rocker

i know i know....ive been a little "absent" from blogging and sewing lately. but im BACK and rockin', literally. teehee (i still LOVE my hard rock music-its the 80s baby in me)

I have had this fabric for my oldest son for awhile. he is my music guy, my electric guitar player, my metal head. I reallllyyyy wasnt sure if he would appreciate a quilt....or even use a quilt.(warm blooded like his momma). then i found this light weight quilt above on clearance at target and decided to make pillowcases out of the guitar fabric. his room is mainly black furniture. (teenagers-what can i say)

ADDED LATER---i whipped up this big ol comfy pillow for my teenager too. hookem horns! just a big ol fleece pillow. no true shape LOL

i also have a few other projects im going to start working on today, finally! spring has been busy......hope you are all finding a little time to sew.


Jamie said...

Hooray! Glad to see you back! My boys would love those pillow cases on their beds! Nice job, rocker mom!

Sue said...

Sons we gotta love 'em! Mine is still into guitars, his punk/rock band & skateboards. (he's 34!)

Val said...

Oh how fun! I am feeling a little blah today so maybe some sewing is just what I need.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday! From a reader of Handmade by Heidi... I hope your day is awesome :)