Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday night results...and a few fun things.

I am sorry......but this is the only thing i can share with you that i did last night. WHY you say? because its something fun for YOU!!! its my giveaway.......and let me just say its fan-flippin-tastic!!!! (pattin myself on the back)
so why dont i just share some fun things from my week. my mailman came calling and looky what i got! my CUTE pincushion from L at THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i have a bit of a pincushion fettish (if you all havent noticed). i need a shelf for them. any cute ideas out there for displaying them but keeping them from getting dusty???
the 2nd item i got from my mailman was my siggy blocks. FINALLY....shew...i was getting worried they were taking up residence in ohio. LOL

the last item i will share was a little junk shopping i did last weekend. ive been hunting for one of these tables from the 70s for awhile. the chair was just too cute and screaming to be saved and for 18 dollars.....YES 18 BUCKAROONIES i got both of them. what a deal huh? im planning on painting the table. ive seen some really fun ones online....diff colors like black, brown, cream, robins egg blue. ill have to get the room for it first.....and of course the chair will also get some much needed TLC.
hope you all had a great FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN. be sure and come back tomorrow for my giveaway results! i think you will all be pleasantly surprised to see what ive made.


Jandi said...

Very cute pincushion and an amazing deal on the furniture! I'm sure they will be fantastic once refinished!

Maria said...

The pincushions are so lovely and bright.
Will be interesting to see what yu have made. I am sure it will be divine. I really enjoy my FNSI.
Great furniture ,you will have fun refurbishing them.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the chair and table! Great finds :)

Libby said...

Love the little telephone table! That is what my grandmother always had on hers, so we called it the telephone table!
Thanks for FNSI!

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbi,Isn't it great when you find something you are longing for. Love the pincushions.
Happy days.

Cindy said...

Hi Bobbi, I'm Cindy from Sew Cindy and just found you because I just participated in my first Friday Night Sew In.

So nice to add you to my blog favs.

Denise said...

Can't wait to see what the lucky winner gets! Love your '70s finds we had two of those tables when I was growing up, until...two of my siblings decided to play a little to rough and landed on top of one! Thanks again for FNSI.

Laurel H. said...

Glad you like the pincushion. :)

I got my siggy blocks this weekend, as well. Yours was among them!