Sunday, January 30, 2011

Binding clips

 Do you ever make anything with Silky Blanket Binding?  These binding clips are a life saver.  My mom is the expert at these blankets.  She taught me to pin the binding all the way around.  WELL, i decided to use these little metal pieces of heaven today.  The best part about these clips is you can move them as your fabric shifts.  The corners are the hardest part of this silky blanket binding.  I swear these clips saved me some serious time today---and also i didnt get poked once by a pin.  :)

Im making 2 of these blankets for a friend of mine.  She picked out the prequilted fabrics and just asked me to put the bindings on.  Easy enough. 
Do you like my table? LOL---- i had to make a large area to work on and put 2 smaller tables together. after working on this space all afternoon, im thinking my dad needs to build me a square wood table.  I can SOOO see the benefits of it!   (boy is my dad going to be busy)

A big THANK YOU to all you people out there who gave me all that encouragement yesterday as i was trying to learn to crochet.  I did a little today, but had to work on these blankets.  I promise to keep plugging away.


Jamie said...

What a great tip! I'll definitely remember that! Thanks!

Impera Magna said...

I "invested" in the clips for the grandbaby quilt project... and I really liked them. I've sewn on that silky/slippery blanket binding and it's good to know the clips work so well with that stuff!

Tapping World Summit said...

I so love your second quilt project with animal patches! It's super cute! I bet my niece will definitely fall in love with it.

Wonky Girl said...

I sewed the quilted panels with silky binding years ago. I just pinned a few inches ahead. This was 20+ years ago when my DH was active Army. Wives in his units were having babies left and right. The blankies held up remarkedly well. Gosh those babies are old enough to have babies of their own now.