Sunday, February 27, 2011

im still going....

i havent given up yet :)
im using just a big ol mix match of colors....but the funny thing is it looks good when put together. (or atleast i think it does-LOL)......  kind of like a quilt.  im just wondering how long this will take me.  :)

ive had a sick house all week (not me thankfully) so i didnt get to do as much as i wanted.  yesterday i disinfected everything i could think of....basically because i dont want strep throat!!!  the plus side is my house is once again clean, so now today i can sew some projects and later work on my granny stripe.  im anxious to move onto another color.  thats how this granny stripe works.  you do 2 rows of one color then switch, so it keeps it exciting.

time to surf a little.....then grocery shop.  im making this for dinner because its cold outside.  its also an easy recipe to made that gives you time to sew/crochet/craft. 


Impera Magna said...

You're doing very well on your afghan... love all the colors!

Glad you didn't get sick and hope everyone at your place is well now!

Oooo... that is some good soup! I wonder if I have the fixings or do I need to make a run to the store...

Jamie said...

I love soup! Maybe I'll show up on your doorstep! Haha!

The afghan is looking great!! Keep on going! Love the colors.

PinkGranny said...

I like the scarf. I wouldn't mind the pattern.

The soup looks wonderful and the way I feel today it would hit the spot.

Regina said...

No fun to have sickies - hope your cleaning is a good prevention. The colors are looking wonderful! Isn't it amazing what "scraps" can create!!!

Stay well!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Your crocheting is coming along very nicely! I love an afghan made with all different colors.

We've had a sick household here this past week too...all but my husband and my youngest daughter. So my house is in great need of a good cleaning and I just don't have the energy to do it. Hopefully when the kids go back to school on Tuesday, I'll be feeling up to it.

I have had time to sit and crochet though...always enough energy to crochet!


Claudette497 said...

Your crocheting is wonderful - I can't believe how good you are. You're my inspiration - March is the month I'm learning to crochet!