Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feta Pita recipe

doesn't this look yummy?  wanna make one?  today for lunch?  well read on cuz I'm sharing my recipe with you.  i just made this sandwich up a few weeks ago.  I'm thinking its pretty healthy too.

also---i will be blogging later today about some FABULOUS gifts i have recvd in the mail this past week.  I had a few swap partners who gave me some very cool items!  im just waiting for some good lighting to take photos.

OK, back to the FETAPITA.  (focus bobbi focus)

below are the ingredients to make the Feta spread.  this replaces your mayo / mustard. 

all you need is:  crumbled feta cheese-any flavor, green onion tips, pepper and oil.

sorry, i don't measure when adding the oil.  i probably use about 1-2 tbsp.  not a lot.  chop up some green onions, sprinkle some pepper.  mix well with the feta crumbles.

 here's what your spread looks like when done.  we use this a TON on french bread or even a baguette.  its really good fresh out of the fridge cold.  but works fine right out of the bowl. 

 now.....the pita fixin's.
*i bought these simple "salad pockets" or "pitas" that are whole wheat. the multi grains are also good.  I'm trying to eat better :)
*use your favorite sandwich meat of the moment.  mine is maple turkey.
*cheese....again your favorite at the moment or what your family hasn't eaten yet.  mine is white american.
*thinly sliced pieces of apple.  this is a fabulous addition to any sandwich.  you get the crunch and flavor!!!  it also helps balance the feta-which can be a little strong.
*shredded lettuce---not shown because i was out.  grrrr
ok, come on..... doesn't that look fan-flippin-tastic??  i think i need another one for lunch today. 

rachel ray....move over.  this is a 10minute sammich.

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Heidi said...

Yep.. this is my new favorite sammich! I have been eating them all week ever since you told me about them (not on blog)and I love them!! YUMMY!!

Cathy said...

Looks delicious. Sounds like something that would be good to much on during FNSI. Hugs

SewCalGal said...

Yum, yum. I definitely want to give this a try. Thanks.