Monday, March 28, 2011

ill be a little absent.
life is crazy busy right now.
but good busy  :)

we are doing a lot of this.

 and planning something for this.

which means ill be doing a LOT of this 

does anyone have a 20 foot tall ladder?  
can anyone refinish a FREE kitchen table/chairs i was given?  (yes i said free)
are you handy at landscaping in the desert? plates a little FULL these days.

WISH ME LUCK!  be back soon........


Impera Magna said...

Such wonderful busy-ness is a good thing! Have fun and although you won't need any "luck"... I'm sending some your way anyhoo...

Maria said...

What a great way to keep busy Bobbi.
Are you painting your refurbished table/chairs that colour. I hope so will look fabulous!!!

Needled Mom said...

I hear you!!! Good luck.

Jamie said...

I wish I could help! Sounds like fun! Good luck getting everything done!

Carolina said...

I'm here in Vegas, and we have a tall ladder. At least 18 feet... maybe 20. Still need one? Send me an e-mail. : )
carolinalouisemoore at yahoo dot com