Sunday, August 14, 2011

how to hide from teenagers

my house has been packed with teenagers the past few days  (eye roll).....  so i have been hiding creating in my sewing room.  what i have discovered about teen boys....they eat a lot, they're loud, they smell and make noises i dont care to discuss.  they leave messes and try to stay up all night.  hence the EYE ROLLING!

while hiding sewing this weekend i decided to make a bag for a friend at work who is taking a trip and wanted a large bag for the plane.  this is a biggin'.  i made it 18x20 before putting it together.  i found these really cute fabs at hobby lobby.  i love that store, but truthfully have never really browsed their fabric.  i found some cute stuff in her color choices---browns and blues.  the lining was even on clearance for $4 a yard -- wootwoot.

toss in a few brown corduroy pockets and corduroy handles and call it a "bobbi bag".  :)
you know i love me some corduroy!  (have i said that before?)

i also thought i would start tackling some WIPs.  i really want to make some xmas quilts for family this year.  but can anyone tell me why the weekends go so fast???  do you all sew after a long day at work?  im just plain pooped after work.   my brain is toast after 8 hours of numbers and big words.  then toss in dinner, dishes, laundry.....oy vey!  im tired just thinking about it.

dont forget to link over to HEIDIS blog for the Friday Night Sew In signups.   its this coming friday night!

ill be pool puppy sitting for my im going to drag my goods with me and have a perfectly QUIET night to sew.  maybe even alone.   YAY!


Roos said...

Haha, I have sometimes a house full of teenage girls and they're behaving almost the same... Your bag looks great, the person you made it for must be pleased with it. You're weekends go fast,at here the week past by in a blink with the eye....

PinkGranny said...

Great bag! Your friend will love it. What a good bargain on the fabric too.

Maria said...

What a lovely bag you have made for your friend while hiding from the boys. LOL

Have signed up for FNSI thanks.

Cheryll said...

Love the bag.. you're a good friend!
Good luck on Friday night too!
Cheers :)

Impera Magna said...

I'm certain your friend loves her new tote... I certainly would!

Looking forward to this month's FNSI! Have already signed up...

Diane said...

Tote bag is adorable ! Your friend will love it.

Jamie said...

Tween boys can be equally annoying and hungry. I love your bag! The colors are great!