Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas eve traditions

i know....2 posts in one evening. but ive decided to stop working on gifts. whats done is done...except moms quilt which will get made tomorrow night. all my "must do" bags are done...no more last minute gifts. thats it, thats all she sewed :)

i thought this would be a great time to share one of my FAV christmas eve traditions. since i was a kid, we have fondue'd on xmas eve. we go to my parents house.....fire that fondue pot up....fondue some steak and eat some cheese dip....and relax. enjoying a busy and fun meal. what i love the most about it---spending time with my family. its not a quick meal, so we actually sit around, eat, cook, eat, cook and laugh. its a fun dinner to do. to me thats one of my fav things about christmas. a true tradition.

i sure hope it is one that i will be able to carry on for years to come. one that my kids will do with their families when the time comes. what are your traditions?
to all of you in blogland.....merry christmas! enjoy your days off with your family.

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