Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heidis 100post giveaway!!!

you HAVE to check out HEIDIs blog! she is doing her 100th post giveaway and wow.....its good stuff! also...check out to your right.....the friday night sew-in button! WOOHOO!!! we have one coming up mid january.....so sign up and sew with us. im sure everyone has a fun spring project to get started on.

i also wanted to share more photos with you of the quilt i made for my parents. these arent great pics, but ill have to go steal it from them to get better ones. from what my dad says, mom is cuddling up in the mornings under it while watching the news. ahhh......how nice huh? the bistro line is sooo perfect for them too. they drink coffee by the gallon and go through a new coffee pot about every 6 months.....
lastly here is a picture of the bag we gave to my sons teacher for xmas. i had found this CUTE teacher fabric in phoenix on one of my sewing adventures with HEIDI. the cord is red and really not this bright....but you get the jist.

im still surprised after all the sewing i did right before xmas that im not burned out....but ive been doing a little sewing this week. made some cuegly dolls....made a couple pin cushions....and now im working on a couple more bags for some friends.
happy sewing....

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Needled Mom said...

What a beautiful quilt! That line of fabric sounds perfect for them too.

What cute fabric for a teacher bag! Isn't it fun to have so many fabrics that call out names for us to use in our projects?

Can't wait to see the new projects you've been working on.