Saturday, December 5, 2009

friday night sew-in

friday night sew-in project.

i am making a quilt for my parents for christmas. i am hoping they dont look at my blog....and am pretty sure they dont even know the web address .... so this is why im showing it. its a cute quilt made from the bistro line from moda. it will match their family room perfect! its made from the coin pattern on moda bakeshop.

i cant wait to finish it!!! so tonight im going to make the backing, then hopefully tomorrow i can pin it together and quilt it.

i have soooo many projects to work on....i dont even know where to begin. i need a few more sew-ins!


Val said...

Oh I bet they will just love this. I had a guy here working on our satelite dish and he saw me cutting fabric for my little 96 year old Granny. He said what are you making? I said a quilt. He said, Oh a "labor of love". I thought to myself how right he was. Quilts are truly a Labor of love.

Maria said...

I am sure your folks will love the quilt. Lovely colours.
Yes Bobbi I know what you mean about having a lot of projects on the go. Then I start new ones as well!!!!!! Will ther ever be an end??

Needled Mom said...

What a lovely gift. Can I adopt you?