Saturday, April 2, 2011

subway art....... PILLOW

after a long debate with myself........i decided on a pillow.  A-dorable if i do say so myself.

(added another pic)
 I added a stripe of ribbon down the side.  i had originally transferred the image onto a piece of linen.  so i just cut that down and sewed it onto the canvas.  i left a little edge so it will fray. 

speaking of canvas........
have you all heard of using DROP CLOTH CANVAS as fabric for pillows? well ive been surfing a lot of home decorating blogs and this stuff is all over the place. people have even recovered old chairs with it.

well, i bought one yesterday for this pillow. after washing and drying its SUPER SOFT!
the cost for a piece that is 4ft x 5ft.......$5 at lowes.  i figure maybe about 3 pillows worth???

OH .....and check this out! PRE-SEWN SEAMS for the flaps on the back.    HIGH FIVE!

now its onto the garage for my next project thats already in the works. 

more to come on that later.  hope you are all craftin' this weekend.  

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6 comments: said...

Very cute pillow! Thanks for the tip about the painters canvas drop cloths! What a GREAT idea! I will have to go and pick one up!!

webbsway said...

Thank you so much for your tip about the drop cloth. I also go to Lowes to get the landscapers soil control. It is a super thin fabric that they put in the ditches to let water pass through and hold the soil. I have discovered that it is wonderful to copy patterns onto because you can fold it up super thin. : )
Plus, I like it that Lowes has Longer hours ! LOL If only they knew that they are a "fabric store"! LOL

Jamie said...

After seeing your pillow I am sorry I voted for the frame! That pillow is super!! I love the drop cloth tip, too!

Maria said...

Your pillow is just gorgeous Bobbi and thanks for the tip on using the drop cloth for pillows.

Cheryl said...

Love that, that's amazing about the drop cloth. Thanks for passing on that tip!

Mistea said...

Your pillow turned out fabulous. Love the way the linen will just fray and give it that seriously loved look really quickly.
Like your drop cloth tip.