Monday, June 13, 2011

bench pillows

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im obsessed with pillows right now.  ive been hunting for some to buy, but they cost SO MUCH $$$ !!!
they really are one of the easiest things i have ever made.  so last night i got to work.  i went to a local shop and found the pillow on the right 60% off because it had a fabric tear at the seam/cording.  um H E L L O who cant fix a tiny seam right? 

im in love with my pillows!!!

isnt this HOME one adorable?  made from a drop cloth.  my fav new fabric.

 my lonely bench before....

my happy bench after! 

i love being crafty!

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Jamie said...

Wow! That bench looks great! At my house all of the pillows would be on the floor. Nice job on the pillows!

jamie said...

I've been looking for pillows to put on my bench... these are great!

dedicated exchange server said...

Beautiful they are!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love your pillows! How did you get the 'home' onto the drop cloth?

Kristen said...

This is a gorgeous little spot!!! I am getting ready to sew tonight! :)