Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chicken Wire Board---tutorial

Ive been a busy girl this weekend.  yesterday morning something caught my eye in the corner of my room.....hiding....just DYING to be re-crafted!

this was the inside, which is covered up in the above pic.  i was prepping for spray painting.

a little outdated and no color scheme to match my sewing room.
do you all have one of these?  bless the people who made it, but im done with it.  ive had it for 6 years.

here is the finished product!!!  ill also give some pics and a tutorial of sorts of how i did it.

would you ever guess what was hiding under the burlap?  isnt she a peach?  im LOVING the finished product.  although i said a few cuss words, stomped my feet and glared at the back of my hubbys head while working on glad i did it and i did it all by my selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so first step was i covered the inside quilt area with parchment paper and used stick pins.  worked perfectly. 
 have you all seen this beautiful color in blog land?  ive been trying to get my hands on a can of this stuff for months. 

here is the after spray paint.  and im talking like 3-17 coats.  (jk...only 4)

i pondered sanding / distressing it some....but got lazy.  its hot and humid today.  who wants to hang in the garage all day.  NOT ME.

i cut the burlap piece to fit, then starting hot gluing from the middle down. 

tahdah! she done?  HECK NO!  she needs some CHICKEN WIRE! 

my neighborhood is still being built.  well they use this chicken wire stuff for the walls here before they stucco.  (peuy, yuck, blehk.  i hate stucco)

welllll, they had a big roll of waste in their dumpsters one at 5am my sister trekked down there and STOLE it for me!  wait, is it stealing when its being chucked?  um NO!

when using the chicken wire, heavy duty gloves come in handy.  unless you want to risk tetanus.  just saying....

we also dug out our heavy duty power stapler.  (didnt even know we had it).  worked fabulous.  (santa, id like power tools for xmas please)

i made a little burlapy flower for the top, hot glued a button in the middle and VOILA---

it wont be staying outside.  i just had to get some decent lighting   :)

took me 2 days to redo.  took me 10minutes to clutter up.

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Bobbi, that's fabulous! I saw that same color of spray paint on another project recently and fell in love with it too! The chicken wire is a great finishing touch...good job!


Claudette497 said...

Another amazing project! I love it!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Hi! I am a new follower to your blog and pretty new to blogland. What a great idea with the chicken wire! Just perfect. Thanks for sharing.. looks great! :)

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbi
Want to make another one for me.
Love it.
Happy days.

Jamie said...

I love it! The chicken wire is the best! Perfect!

RobynLouise said...

Aren't you a clever, inventive cookie! Lol, is any of the chicken wire going to be used for the purpose it was made?? I think you could start a business selling these but it wouldn't be fun then, would it?

lovingmomma @ Happy As A Lark said...