Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm playing around with some stamps trying to come up with some cute ideas for pin cushions.  check this one out....

i have a few different work stations in my sewing room.  i definitely need the diff pin cushions and diff sizes.  i tend to knock them on the floor a lot too.  have you ever stepped on a pin?  OUCH

this is the backing fabric.  i found this tucked in my FQ stash.  totally forgot all about it.  of course my top fabric is my fav drop cloth.  have you all discovered this gem yet?  shhh....dont let the hardware stores know about our obsession with painters drop cloths.  they will jack up the price! can buy it for C H E A P! 

i used these stamps and ink.  it wont be washed, so im not scared of the words coming off.  if they fade, it just gives it character.

crushed walnut shells.....they are a MUST for pin cushions.  they give it weight and also supposedly sharpen the needles/pins.   sounds good to me.

you can find the crushed walnut shells in your local pet stores.  it is actually "bird litter".  no smell, not nasty....i promise!   this was a huge bag and has lasted me a long time. 

are you sewing this weekend?  any fun projects out there? 


Unknown said...

I didn't know about the crushed walnut shells for pin cushions! I love the way you made your cushion flat & long--definitely more stable. And I hear you about the drop cloth. I especially love it when they're on sale at Harbor Freight and I can also use the 20%-off coupon. :)

Amanda said...

This is such a great pin cushion, lots of space for those pins! Love the tape measure fabric on the bottom.

Maria said...

Great looking pincushion Bobbi. I am like you and have lots but can never find one when needed.Like scissors.
We do not have walnut shells in Aussie. Would good if we did.

I am working on the Star Quilt-A-Long with Melissa.

RobynLouise said...

Bobbi, nice pincushions and the Staz On should be washable if you pressed it after stamping as the iron sets it but it won't do the shells much good!
Maria try or for crushed walnut shells.
Top site sells 1/2 cup bags and bottom site sells 7.5kg bags from a walnut farm.