Sunday, August 23, 2009


I cant believe my boys are starting school AJ is a junior and matt's in 5th grade. just doesnt seem possible.

getting them ready for school has always been about traditions for me. as a kid there is nothing better than going to school on your first day looking "sharp". new shoes, a new backpack, new clothes and maybe even a new haircut. then throw in all of those new binders, pens and notebooks....WOW it almost makes me want to sign up for college classes just to have the high again. come on...agree with me people, it makes you walk a little taller to be in new clothes for a day. everyone loves new shoes!!!

another tradition i like to do is the weekend before that big first day we power clean/organize the house. everyone cleans their rooms and gets their desks ready for new books and homework. I am extremely blessed...both of my boys have always been very independent kids. they can do their homework in their rooms without me hovering. it usually gets done in a good time frame too. we go. we are all ready...even a little earlier than usual today. i am going to jump in and finish sewing the top of my quilt. im truthfully on the last square, then have to sew the rows.....then figure out my backing. i want to do a minor design on the back. hopefully at some point this week ill be able to have a pic of the top done. so stay tuned.....

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