Saturday, August 1, 2009

Proud mom football bag!

Here is the "footballmom" bag i made last year. My son plays highschool football.....and a woman needs her bag to tote all her fun football gear to the games. I put his number on one side and the F for the HS and falcons on the other side. The whole thing was done in his HS colors. I cant wait to dig it out again in a month......cuz 2 a days is only 2 weeks away. Poor kid...but ive never been a prouder parent. He was determined to play last year (after never playing football a day in his life). he lost a ton of weight and bulked up. now he is sportin' a jock bod, a big neck and a mohawk.
Isnt my baby adorable and mean looking all at the same time. LOL

AJ is truly a great kid with a great heart and i know will go places in life. He is actually tossing around the military right now....but we have 2 years left of HS, so for now we play football and mom screams in the stands. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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