Saturday, August 8, 2009

Im finally quilting!!!

yep, im finally jumping head first into the quilting world! im soooo excited too! Surfing blogs this week I fell in love with the new quilt created by p.s. i quilt. I have been collecting woodland bloom fabs and got a fun package in the mail today from my girl HEIDI! A BIG THANK YOU !!! She sent me the much needed charm pack. So tonight I finally dove in....started cutting the fabric needed for this adorable quilt!

I put the above picture on here for another reason also. That ironing board pictured is my new fav thing. I have it on a table so I can sit and iron things.....its perfect!!! It measures 12x18 which is a great size and will be used for most of my projects. I hate standing over the old fashioned ironing board. What can I getting old and it makes my back hurt. LOL

All you quilters/bag makers make a note this week to get your joanns coupon and go get yourself one of these handy dandy ironing boards. It made Bobbi's world a happier place. Cuz as my boys say, when momma aint happy aint NOOOObody happy! Wish me luck on this quilt expedition. I hope to pump them out as fast as some of you, but dont get your hopes up yet. I still need a walking foot and possibly a new machine.

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Heidi said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! And once this first one is behind you... you'll be a quilt making fool!

I gotta get me one of those ironing things..