Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its my Bag-anniversary!

1 year ago I entered the bag world....the bag obsession....the bag making craze. My sister Kristie who lives in montana started the bag thing a few years ago at christmas. she made me the CUTEST charm tote (penny sturgis/quilts illustrated) design. Well, my cousin Heidi fell in love with it, bought some patterns and continued the bag craze. finally, last august i was forced (haha) to learn how to make them. Heidi patiently taught me how....and it only took me 5 hours to make this tiny little thing, but I havent looked back! I LOVE making them! If I only had more time ......argghh.

So today I get a fun box in the mail from Kristie and looky what she sent me!

isnt it CUTE! i had bought a smaller caddy in phoenix a few months back and use it ALL the time. she MADE this....and its going on my ironing table. Kristie is good....let me tell you. she can look at something and VIOLA its made in a few hours. Heidi is that way too.....they truly are my idols! they both have branched out beyond bags....but me....well I just need to spend more time doing it. im still trying to talk myself into making a quilt!

its such mental therapy. having a busy family is great, but I truly need some bobbi time once in awhile. But dont we all???

Maybe ill get brave enough to have a give away celebrate my accomplishments. stay tuned bloggers.

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