Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am back from the beach but I have been a little under the weather. Ive been reading the new quilts and more magazine and now i am sidetracked. I want to make this CUTE halloween wall hanging!!! I am SOOO ready for fall, but living in the desert it doesnt come soon enough. Maybe by novemeber we can turn our A/C off....and not kidding.
I am still slowly working on the quilt I started, but getting my kids ready for school has also put a dent in my projects. hopefully after this weekend we will all be back into our routine and i will make some more time for sewing. School, work, sports and maybe a sunday afternoon watching FAVRE #4 play for my almost sounds heavenly doesnt it?

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Nicole said...

You just spoke my words. lol.
That magazine gave me new ideas I want to make and I do remember the desert weather. We used to live in the Mojave desert. But Central Texas is HOT, too.