Sunday, May 22, 2011

come on in and meet MARGO

"MARGO" just arrived from Montana. 

my sister made me a bag ....  isn't it flippin sweet?!?!?!!  here is the pattern--its a "lazy girl design" pattern which she assures me is an easy bag to make.  i LOVE the colors.  its SOOO me.  orange, denimy blues.  the inside is filled with pockets going all the way around the bag.  my sister is REALLY good at thinking of special things when it comes to making bags.  she made one of the pockets shorter in depth so your cell phone doesn't sink to the bottom.  GENIUS!

 its actually a lot smaller than you think....but the PERFECT daily use size!!! 

 i also popped into my LQS yesterday while running around and picked me up some of this fabulous fabric by free spirit.  its grays, yellows, greens, blues.  i actually want to make something too....not just store it in my forever growing stockpile of fabs.  (if the world had ended yesterday, at least i would have had something to do---sewing with my foot pedal old sewing machine and stash of fabrics) 

oh and guess what else?  i met another blogger yesterday who works in my LQS.  Carolina of
she won the NO TOMATOES pin cushion contest with a VERY COOL cactus pin cushion......and she gave it away!  She is VERY sweet in person.  that is the first blogger i have ever met face to face. 

OH OH OH and HEIDI has posted the Friday Night Sew In winners. 
HEIDI worked on her pinwheel quilt and it makes me feel really bad for never following through finishing mine.  someday.....maybe someday.


Jamie said...

That is a very sweet bag! I love your new fabrics, too! Have fun creating.

Cheryll said...

Your new bag is gorgeous... and so is your sister for making it! Love all your choices in fabric too.. but please no world ending... I still have a lot of sewing to finish!!! :)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love your new bag! I made one for my DD, but she has to wait until her b-day to get it. :-) Very cute new fabrics! Have a happy week!

kayerj said...

I love the bag! Kaye—the road goes ever ever on