Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prom and the homemade corsage/boutonniere

my oldest had his senior prom last night.  **sigh**

i had to put this picture on here and tell the story of the corsage and boutonniere.  the mom of a friend of my sons offered to make the corsage and boutonniere.  my son found roses on clearance from a local shop for $1 for a dozen of them.  yes, i believe i have taught him to bargain shop!  WOOHOO

yesterday he went and helped her make the corsage and boutonniere!  impressive huh?  he was SOOO proud to put that on her wrist.  he kept saying "i helped make those!". 


Impera Magna said...

How wonderful... and so much more meaningful than just getting something from a florist!

The kids grow up way too fast... your son and his date look fantastic!

Cheryll said...

Your son has every right to be proud of his effort. I hope they enjoyed their night! Hugz.