Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI results--keep calm print

Have you seen THIS program that you can make your own "keep calm and...." posters?  I'm working on some graduation projects and made this one last night.  I'm starting to work on a picture collage for my son.  i think this will be the center :)

I'm also going to make myself a tshirt for his party with this using an iron-on transfer sheet.  maybe put our name on the back??  i know its not much, but that was my friday night sew in project.   :)

this week we had awards banquetts, baseball, work, life......shew its been a busy one!  my son lettered in speech/debate for 3 years in a row....and made it to nationals just this past month!!!  (don't ever get into an argument with a debater---take my word for it).   during his ceremony, the teacher has the kids give all the parents roses as a thank you for all we have to do for them during the year.  well, lets just say my son, husband and i all were in tears.  what will gradation night be like?  LOL...sniffsniffsniff

the middle of the week i got to decompress at my other sons baseball game.  it was so COLD that i had to curl up under THIS QUILT i made a few years ago.  very odd for Vegas in May.  (but i will NEVER EVER complain about cold!!!) 

This morning was my play time.....i went to garage sales.  LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sales. 
let me tell you, I've gotten some fabulous deals lately and have only spent about $20 each time I've gone.  kitchen chairs to refinish for $5, lamps for just a few dollars, pampered chef serving bowls, picture frames for 25cents.  another persons trash is MY TREASURE woopwoop. 

don't forget to check out Heidi's blog tomorrow for this months FNSI winners.  she is picking 2 winners this month thanks to Me and My Sister Designs!!!  those ladies are just FABULOUS!

6 comments: said...

Following from Tator Tots & Jello...I was wandering were everyone was making those signs from...thanks for the link. :)


Mistea said...

Perfect sign for your big boy!
Thanks for hosing sew in - whilst I didn't actually sew there was much clicking of needles and a beanie hat present all done. I need a little motivation sometimes and getting that picture in my head of everybody creating in their own space is really helpful.

Kristen said...

We went to see the 51s this Monday and it was cold!! I love the Woodland Bloom!

May is always a busy crazy month and even more so with your son's graduation!

Val said...

Oh I know that you are so proud. And it sounds like a very busy time for you! Love that quilt! Thanks again for hosting this FNSI. You two are great encouragers to me.

Anonymous said...

Graduations are always so emotion filled. Congratulations to your son on this milestone.

Thanks for continuing to co-host FNSI even during such a busy time as this.

Janie said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for that site :)

Congrats to your son!!

(Stopping in from Tatortots and Jello)