Monday, May 16, 2011

NO TOMATOES pin cushion contest

You know how i LOVE my pin cushions.  well i have taken part in a pin cushion contest!  I swear I could make them all day long.  there are some really cute ideas and tutorials!  you should HOP over to ARROW CABINETS BLOG and check out all the fun ones people made.

ARROW CABINETS is also on a mission.....they are trying to get a ton of facebookers to LIKE them.  they are giving away things like crazy....they love friday giveaways (aprons, cutting mats, cases etc).  EVERY time they add 500 people, they give away a sewing table!  but the HUGE prize is going to be when they get to 5000 facebookers!!!   jump on this people......who doesn't want to be in the running for sewing goodies?  I want one of their chairs SOOO bad!

anyhoo-----are you all ready for this coming FNSI?  have you SIGNED up? 
do you have your projects ready?  i have found a cute one.....I'm starting to dig in my stash to see what i can come up with.  hopefully I don't get overwhelmed because I tend to fondle fabric but never follow through making things.
  (does this happen to you?)

in honor of our military taking such good care of our country lately (GO SEALS),  i have started making a camo bag.  I'm stuck on the layout-but hopefully i can get it to come together.  that could be another friday night project too.


Cheryl said...

I love pincushions too...will have to check out the site. I am ready for FNSI...I'm going to be making pillowcases.

Val said...

Hey Bobbi! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am excited about the sew in tonight. I haven't been visiting blogs too much due to not feeling well but I am doing better everyday and ready to sew!!!