Monday, October 12, 2009

51 posts!!!

I just realized i missed my 50th me its a milestone! i can sit and read blogs all day but its hard for me to write them.

Ive spent this past year trying to make more time for sewing....but with a busy family its hard. i work full time so i tend to get into my lazy mode. I am hoping when winter comes (as winter as you can get in vegas) ill have more umph to work on quilts. I still tend to sway to bags....because they are a quick project.

I have been making more corduroy bags this week for co-workers. They are so fun and simple--but a fullfilling outcome. I even have a few orders from family that i need to work on. the bag above might be MINE cuz i LOVE the pumpkin fabric with the fun lining. hmmm do i sell or selfish or giving....make money or be greedy?

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