Thursday, October 1, 2009

is it wrong to love your mailman?

i love my mailman. i dont even know if its a he or a she. but whoever they are-- i love them. im terrible at getting my mail. but when youve discovered buying fabric on ebay.....its not scary to open the big metal box anymore. im going to tell my husband that i never need flowers from him again....not like i get them EVER---but i'd rather the fabric fairy visit me.

i had to get some things from ebay cuz my quilt stores dont have any of this fun fabric!! in love with happy camper. i cant wait to make a quilt out of it. but now i need more...i need a jelly...maybe a layer cake...some yardage....then therapy.

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Heidi said...

LOL - I can totally relate. I love my mailman too... and mine looks a little like Andy Garcia (atleast he does in my weird fabric delivery fantasy).