Saturday, October 10, 2009


my baby went to homecoming tonight with his girlfriend. is it wrong i almost cried? he looked SO handsome and grown up! She was absolutely beautiful. All i can think is ive never been a prouder parent! he treats her like a queen!

And when he left, he HUGGED ME!!

I hope he had the time of his life....cuz highschool is the best of times. I would go a heartbeat.


Bergfamilyfun said...

They Look so cute togather!! How long have they been dating? Corby actually had never met his date till tonight. Lol His friends girlfriend set them up for Homecoming along w/ their other friend. They were both really cute girls and were super nice I know they will have a great time... It was Corby's first high school dance he's been saving it all up for his senior yr. I would love for him to have a girl friend but he say's they are to high maintance.. He's saving for a car, he's tired of driving mine.. heck it's a free car to drive I would take advantage if I were him. But hey he's looking for his independence now that he's 18..

Heidi said...

I can't beleive how grown up he looks!! So exciting for him - and that girlfriend is so cute too!