Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ive created bag stalkers!

yep...after a long year of making bags ....ive created bag stalkers. my friends now are beginning to look at peoples bags, stalk them thru stores, whip out their iphones and bring me pictures "can you make this?".

its hilarious. well last friday, a couple gals at work bring me a pic and low and behold its the birdie sling. yep, the monster bag by amy butler. ive been tempted to make one myself, but it truly scares me. LOTS of fabric for this sucker.

Of course im up to the challenge. im bringing them fab swatches so they can decide on their colors. wish me luck.....but i know i can do it! of course i can do it...im "bags by bobbi" for goodness sakes! heehee

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