Monday, October 26, 2009 pants are too long!

I just realized after looking at my blog i havent put pics on here of my little guy....ok not so little anymore but my baby!!! Matt is my true clown. around the age of 7 his 2nd grade teacher informed me he was the typical class clown. not in a bad way...but kept people laughing. i love that about him. he can laugh at himself too!

so tonight....i just tested my true sewing skills and had to shorten his school pants. i goofed on the first pair (totally fixable tho) and the second pair went perfect. this has been something ive been "scared" of forever. me being short---ive always bribed my mom into shortening my pants! well, it was about time i learned. im almost....ahem....40 for goodness sakes!!! (that still makes me shivvverrrr!!!)

winter comes fast in the desert. one day 90 and the next its CHACHACHILLY! well its happening tomorrow for us. i had bought these pants weeks ago---but yep waited until i had NO choice but to do the deed. pat-pat-pat on my back for doing it and only making a mess of 1 pair.

whats next to tackle you say? maybe a bed size quilt? youll just have to stay tuned.....

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Heidi said...

I need to do this with some of Joe's pants too.. but I've been avoiding it. But with the cooler air coming I don't think I have a choice either. Hold my hand will you?!