Monday, December 13, 2010

best pot roast EVER

Do you own this cookbook?
Do you read her blog?
well.....look at this picture below and let me tell you a little bit about my pot roast.

it was DELICIOUS. it had restaurant flavors and was worth the 3 burnt fingers i got cooking it!! (thats no lie) Next time i am adding potatoes to the pot and more carrots. I couldnt stop eating the carrots! those large white things are onions. MMMMM

im still drooling....and i made it yesterday. at the dinner table i even patted myself on the back for a fantastic meal.

this is me tonight. all cozied up on the couch looking for another recipe to make of hers. if you dont own the book, get off my blog and order it from amazon!!! or heck, run down to your local store and buy it!!! you wont be me.


Libby said...

Love that book!! Her meat loaf is very good too! My sister has made and loves the olive cheese bread!

Mrs. Joanz said...

Thanks for the review. I hate investing in time and money only to have a recipe turn out to be a flop. So when I learn of a thumbs up review, I am there! I will definitely put this on the "gotta make" list. I looks yummy!