Monday, December 6, 2010

its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

we put up our tree tonight and i love this ornament below from my childhood. it just reminds me of simpler times when ornaments were handmade. i even bought some of these wood blocks last weekend at target in the dollar section and want to make a few ornaments for my kids.

this ornament cracks me up every year. my sis gave this to me as a "joke" a few years back. im sure it was true back in the day....LOL

here is my fav xmas decoration. a santa doll my sis made me. he even has a teddy like mine when i was a kid and a quilt/blanky! see my old red sled i bought at an auction in minnesota?

lastly, remember my homemade stocking stand? i blogged about it HERE last year. simple to make....and its almost better than a mantel. (almost) BUT she does still need to be repainted. (put that on my to do list for 2011).
anyone have any ideas for simple quick ornaments to have kids make? i would love to hear about them or see some links :)


Poppyprint said...

check out pinksuedeshoe she's done some fun ornaments in the last week!

Jamie said...

I love the handmade ornaments, too. That is mostly what I have on my tree. A lot of them are things that my boys have made at school. I have one that one of my students made for me a few years back. I should take a pic for you and do a blog post. I think it should be simple. It uses a small bit of fleece, two walnuts and toothpicks. All fun stuff, right?

Christie describeHappy said...

Very festive!!

For ideas maybe check out -- so many ideas there!

I also did up a tutorial for an origami puff ball... they are fun to make with kids because you get to puff them up at the end!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

beaded snowflakes using pipe cleaners and plastic beads.

Cheryl said...

I also love homemake ornaments. All the memories you get when you bring them out each year. That sister ornament is so funny!! As my kids would say, any ornament with macaroni and sprayed gold!!!

Kristen said...

I agree with Krista. Pink Suede Shoe has some good ones!!