Thursday, December 16, 2010

twas the night before....

FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN #2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you all ready? have you signed up HERE?
dont forget to blog about your projects on saturday to be entered for the giveaway.

im already working on a project. its an xmas surprise for my nephew....ok he is my great nephew but saying that makes me feel old. LOL
he is just a toddler, so the project will get plenty of use. But its a secret this is all you get to see.

Ive been going through a little sadness this week. this is the first time in YEARS i havent had a kiddo bring home something handmade at school. no more elementary schoolers! :(

as i work on my project tonight.....this (pictured below) is on the other end of the couch. my little man....who is now growing up SO fast! dont you love how the dog is right at his side?!?!
I miss their excitement when they brought home that special gift for mom and dad. BUT WAIT, i have a plan!!! I am going to send my boys to the mall this weekend on a mission. They are going to buy us something for xmas.....all by themselves. In years past, my mom has taken the boys shopping for us and they did a REALLY GOOD JOB shopping for us!!! But this will be the first time solo....just one to steer them in the right direction. GULP
On christmas day if i get a pack of legos.....or a PS3 game, i will cherish it because they bought it for me. (im actually hoping for a ToyStory lego set). ;)
see you all tomorrow night! lets get those projects finished together. WE CAN DO IT!!!


Maria said...

Your baby does look sweet sleeping on the counch with his friend next to him.
Will be going into the sewing room soon to tidy up fro FNSI tonight.

Val said...

They do grow up so fast. It is sad, yet good at the same time. It is sad because they don't need us like they once did. It is good because you get to see them grow up and have their own life. Love your project. I can't wait until tonight! I am ready!