Sunday, December 19, 2010

a weekend with my family....

the weekend started off with a christmas shopping extravaganza....just me and my husband. we went to dinner then shopped till we dropped. i was a little sad about missing the FNSI, but we had to finish our xmas shopping.

here is my sons completed gingerbread house. he did it all himself. i was the "go to girl" during the project. he also wore the santa hat the entire weekend.

here is my other son and his girlfriend baking cookies. wonder who is cleaning up the mess? (he usually does the dishes after she bakes--LOL)
i have been trying to come up with more economical ideas this year for xmas. i decided to give my coworkers a christmas card with a favorite recipe inside of it. I found these cute recipe cards on clearance this weekend ..... 49cents for a pack of 20.

during the holidays, i love having a puzzle around that everyone can sit down and work on. this should keep the kiddos busy....its 1000 pieces. we started with a puzzle that was only 300 pieces and it was done in 24hours. so 1000 pieces should last a little longer.
do you have a favorite christmas tradition or something for the month of december?

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