Monday, September 28, 2009

adorable bag!!!

my sister kristie started this bag obsession a few years ago. she has always been extremely talented! well....check out this bag! it has a few fabric swatches she made with words on them that are personal for me and our family! i LOVE LOVE this bag!!! isnt it adorable? the colors are fun....the pattern is sooo cute. it is my new fav bag to use!

Ive had to sort of hide it for awhile cuz my cousin Heidi was getting one too. she got hers in the mail today. we only wish kristie lived closer so we could share fabrics, ideas, shop together! a big whopping THANK YOU to my sister for this bag and this sewing obsession that she started!!! its her bday ill have to come up with some cute crafty sewing project to make her. MUAH---big kiss for ya ging!


Synnove said...

Wow, lucky you! The bag is really cute, I love the colors and fabric in it.
Hugs from Synnoeve in norway:-)

Bobbi said...

synnoeve--i have a norwegian heritage so its very excited to have you on my blog!!!