Thursday, March 11, 2010

cliff notes???

My sister, Kristie, made this really cute notebook for me. I have been putting some things inside of this that are on my "MUST DO" list. I need to find out where she got the pattern cuz its would be a great gift for a special teacher.

did you all see the OWLIVIA on modas bakeshop this week? WOW the idea was just like my owl mascot i made recently. i like her idea of the large ricrac. (is that how you spell that darn word?)

a few of you had asked for a tutorial.....but im not sure how to make a word template for the body. let me ponder it this weekend and mess around with my scanner. i would really love to show you how i made her!!


Jamie said...

And we would all love to see how you made her! Very cute notebook!

Cheryl said...

Yes definitely we would love a tutorial..and that notebook, so CUTE!!!

carolann said...

Love the notebook. I think the pattern is from Better Homes & Gardens Quilts & Gifts magazine - March 2008. There is a picture on the front of the magazine with a very similar journal cover. Maybe you can find it at