Sunday, March 21, 2010

lazy day soup....

my son has been out of town at a tournament for Speech/ moms making one of his favorites for dinner! LAZY DAY SOUP....and i thought id share the recipe with you fine folks! (its like a chili with veggies)
1 lb hamburger-browned with onion/salt/pepper
3 cans campbells minestrone soup (the regular white/red can...dont try and get creative trust me!)
1 can corn---juice and all
1 can rotel tomatos
1 can ranch style beans
thats it!!! brown hamburger with onion, salt, & pepper. open the 6 cans and dump in pot. stir it up and just let it cook itself. i do add some water and sometimes a small can of tomato sauce because i like it a little saucy...for dipping crackers or yummy rolls. can be made in crockpot all day or on stovetop.
i will be posting the winner for Friday Night Sew-in later....stay tuned!

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Kaye said...

sounds good and oh so easy, great for a night there is a game or a track meet. Thanks for sharing it

Libby said...

That sounds wonderful! Tonight it is in the 50's with a blowing wind and heavy rain..I sure wish I had a bowl!

lisa said...

that sounds like something I need to
make a huge batch of and freeze parts of. I am on a serious hunt for good meal ideas. We are getting a kitchen table, and after all the money and time we spent picking out the PERFECT one, I better use it ooodles!

also, speach and debate huh? I was quite good at that back in my highschool days and even earned little pizza money judging in college. fun times!!

Heidi said...

I have a testimonial for this soup. Bobbi shared the recipe with me a few years ago and it is GOOD!! And so dang easy! Darnit.. now I'm craving it. Might need to make this week.

Kelly@Sense and Simplicitee said...

I have a recipe that is very similar and it is sooooo good. Thanks for sharing your (much simpler) version. Yummy!